Hermosa Creek Volunteer Work Plans Shaping Up

Once again volunteers will be needed to help with the joint Five Rivers/US Forest Service restoration of Hermosa Creek. The river is being reclaimed for native cutthroat trout and this year the Forest Service has plans to construct barriers that will prevent non-native species from migrating back up into parts of the stream already reclaimed for cutthroats.

TU's role this year will be to help restore vegetation and stream banks after the heavy equipment is brought in to build the impoundments.

Our chapter's collaboration with the Forest Service on this project is ongoing. Last year TU members restored degraded upstream habitat and helped restock cutthroats in areas where non-native species were eradicated earlier.

This year's volunteer sessions will be held sometime around late September. We will post further notices on this website and in a forthcoming e-mail newsletter sent to members.


What a great project. Our Utah chapter is involved with a similar project. Be sure to let us know how it goes.

This is great!! So stoked to get busy on Hermosa Creek and button this baby up!  Yes!!

Ready to go !!