How Often Do You Harvest a Trout?

Yesterday I was fishing a local cutthroat stream and I caught two brook trout.
There are more than enough places to catch brookies in the area, but not nearly as many great places for cutts.
It would be nice to preserve the cutthroat streams we have.
With that in mind, I whacked the brookies over the head and brought them home for dinner. I released all cutts, as I always do.
But it raises a question: How often do YOU keep trout? Under what circumstances?
I keep a few every year under conditions like the above, or if I am camping with my family in a developed campground where stockies are more than abundant and can be moved directly from stream to grill.
I would love to hear your thoughts!


I don't. Mainly only because it is not necessary - however in thinking about the brook trout bonking (and browns, too, for that matter) anything we can do to give native fish a fighting chance seems like a good thing.

I'm like you Glenn, harvest a few of the stocked or introduced trout and leave the natives for the next generation. Just a few for lunch or dinner that day is my approach. 

Occasionally my wife and I will take fish or two from the stocked lake nearby. Other than that, I have a hard time harvesting them... even though I have no problem with bonking a few here and there.