The Five Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited is based in the Durango area of Southwest Colorado. The Gold Medal Animas River runs right through our hometown and we live close to hundreds of miles of pristine wilderness streams, rivers and lakes.

We are fortunate enough to live at the base of the San Juan Mountains, one of the most beautiful ranges in the nation, yet also to reside a mere 60 miles from the famous San Juan River in New Mexico.

Our chapter takes seriously its mission of protecting our region's coldwater fisheries and watersheds. We have in our area a substantial number of streams that hold native cutthroat trout, and one of our main efforts is to protect and extend habitat for this fragile species.

On the political front, we work with all area stakeholders to protect our local watersheds. We believe in forming the broadest possible coalitions to achieve our goal of preserving coldwater resources for future generations.