Steven Ted Hood

Steven Ted Hood
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About me: 
I have been retired since July of 2016. I took up fly fishing that summer and through the help of a neighbor and longtime Trout Unlimited member, I learned a lot. This past summer I had double knee replacement in Durango so my time on the water was limited to late summer with only 3 outings before we returned to our winter home in Houston. We spend approx. 5 months in Durango starting in June and I look forward to attending some Five Rivers meetings and getting acquainted with other members. I am married and we own a home north of Durango.
Favorite quote: 
If I Cannot Smoke Cigars in Heaven, Then I Shall Not Go!-Mark Twain
Other Interests: 
Snow Skiing
backcountry hiking
some golf
Group membership: 
Five Rivers - 451